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RAF Fixed and Free-mounted Reflector Gunsights 翻译中









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Free Gun Reflector Sights
The first sight designed by Barr & Stroud for free-mounted guns was the Type J1 of 1926. This was fixed on a bracket clamped half-way up the barrel of a Lewis gun. A circular reflector screen was mounted over a cone-shaped lens housing, with a sun screen which could be raised into position at the rear. Although the sight was well elevated above the barrel, the need to clear the ammunition drum put the gunner's eye position too distant for easy sighting. Its position hard on the barrel also ensured short bulb life. However, the new sight was found to be accurate when it was tested at Farnborough, where several improvements were suggested before it could be considered for Service use.
Barr & Stroud设计的第一种活动武器瞄准镜是1926年的J1型。用一个支架固定在刘易斯机枪的枪管中间。圆形的反射镜屏幕安装在锥形镜头外壳上,有可升起到到后部的遮光屏。尽管瞄准镜以适当的高度安装在枪管之上,但就易于瞄准的角度来说,为了方便更换弹鼓瞄准者的眼点位置有些太远了。它(瞄准具)在枪管上的位置也确保了灯泡的短寿命。然而,在Farnborough(范保罗)测试的时候,发现是新瞄准镜是精准的。同时建议在达到服役标准前做一些改进。

After the J1 was evaluated at Farnborough it was decided to change the format. The new design consisted of a rectangular lamp housing which was offset from the gun centre line. A bulb projected a ring graticule from the side of the housing onto a prism, which directed the image through a lens system onto a small circular reflector screen behind which was a swing-in smoked-glass sun screen. To be known as the GH6, the sight was fixed on the side of the gun clear of the drum, with the sight head protruding from the side to a position in line with the gunner's eye. The GH6 was found to be effective and was accepted for small-scale trials while an automatic 'own speed' and deflection system was devised on the lines of the Scarff compensating mount. This consisted of a pillar on which were speed settings, the sight being fixed to an arm fitted at right angles from the top of the pillar which varied the line of sight according to the setting. This required deft manipulation of the adjusting knobs, not easily accomplished with heavily gloved hands. The compensating mounting received the title Type GH2 No.14, but was never issued for Service use.
在 Farnborough 评估之后,决定更改J1的布局。新设计包含一个偏离武器中线的矩形灯罩。一个灯泡从外壳一侧投射一个圆形的分划到棱镜上,棱镜引导图像再通过镜头组投射到一个小圆形反射镜屏幕上,后面有一个可以摆动的烟色玻璃遮阳屏。被称为GH6型,瞄具被安装在在枪支的一侧,避开弹鼓,(瞄具)头部从安装一侧伸出到与射手的视线保持一致的位置上。在一串Scarff瞄准镜的补偿支架上设计了自动“本机速度”和偏转系统之后,GH6被认为是有效的并且认为可以进行小规模试验。这个系统有一个带有速度设置的立柱,瞄准镜固定在一个臂上,这个臂与立柱成直角安装在立柱之上,立柱上刻有不同的线做设置的参照。这需要熟练操作调节钮,但是对于带着厚重手套的手来说不容易完成。这种补偿设备被命名为Type GH2 No.14型,不过从没服役过。
The above text and photos were taken from "British Aircraft Armament Vol.2: Guns and Gunsights", by R Wallace Clarke.
以上的文字和图片来自《英国空军装备 1.2卷:武器和瞄准具》,Wallace Clarke 作。


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